Who we’ve helped

We were really pleased to be approached by Zilico managing director Sameer Kothari to provide accountancy and a company secretary. We’d worked closely with him at his previous business Plasso and look forward to helping take Zilico through to an equally satisfactory exit.

“We’re a young company developing a real time cancer diagnostic initially in the area of cervical cancer. Although we’re quite a small business, we have institutional shareholders so it is very important that we have a company secretary who follows all the latest legal developments and company regulations. Suel perform this role very professionally for us.

“They also make sure all our accounts are kept up to date on a monthly basis, which is great because it means I can concentrate on developing the business. Suel fulfilled a similar function for five years at my previous company. It was also a life sciences business and when a global medical technology company bought us out, the handover was very smooth because of the meticulous way Suel had kept the financial records.

“When we set up Zilico one of the first things we did was appoint Suel to manage our accounts and become our company secretary. I think that speaks for itself in terms of high highly they are regarded.”

Sameer Kothari,
Managing director, Zilico