Who we’ve helped

We’ve worked with Simcyp from the days when they were a couple of scientists with an idea to the £5 million 40 staff member company they are today. In the early days we helped them secure the funding they needed to launch the company and have since gone on to provide financial management, a company secretary, share options, accountancy and a pension scheme.

“Our relationship with Suel has been close since before incorporation. We have sourced a non-executive director and company secretary from Suel for our board. Both are important roles and we are able to obtain this support on an as-needed basis, which is very important for a relatively small organization like ourselves where full-time engagement in these roles in not necessary. They’ve also provided temporary cover whilst our accountant is on maternity leave.

“We’ve come a long way as a company over the last decade. Most of the world’s leading pharmaceutical and biotech companies use our flagship product, the Simcyp Simulator, we’ve just won a Queen’s Award for Enterprise in Innovation and we’re growing at a phenomenal rate. Suel has played a part in our success and we are pleased to continue to work with them.”

John Evans,
Managing director, Simcyp Limited


Suel are pleased to announce that the sale of the whole of the equity in Simcyp to US company Certara Inc for a consideration of $33m has now been completed. Simcyp, which has been supported by Suel since its formation in 2002 now forms part of a wider group seeking to expand and develop products in the life science sector.


At its Annual Conference June 2012 PraxisUnico, an organisation established to promote innovation and commercialisation of research, announced that Simcyp had been awarded the Business Impact-Achieved Award for 2012.

Richard Birtles,  Company Secretary and Portfolio Manager at Suel Ltd and Member of Simcyp Executive Group said, “Simcyp is delighted to win this award, which recognises how a piece of innovative academic research can be turned into a profitable, growing business serving a global market. The University of Sheffield believes it will inspire researchers further to maximise the impact of their research beyond the walls of academia.”